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About Masjid Kassim

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Our History

A mosque which was originally only a storey high, Masjid Kassim or Kassim Mosque is built on a piece of wakaf land which currently stands at Changi Road and has been around since the early 1920s. Back then, the mosque could only accomodate around 700 worshippers. 

Wakaf Kassim consists of its mosque, the surrounding residential areas and a burial ground in Siglap Road.  It was developed for the maintenance of the Kassim Mosque and to ensure that the burial grounds at Siglap were well-kept. 

The land was given by Ahna Mohamed Kassim Bin Ally Mohamed back in 1921 and given to 4 trustees when he passed on 31st July 1935.


Node for the development of the holistic person


To provide & coordinate programmes on dakwah, knowledge & worship to shape a pious & merciful muslim

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Our Organization

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